Taiwan | What we Taiwanese do during Chinese New Year

As a Taiwanese, I'd love to share what we people would do during Chinese New Year. Just like most of Chinese people, we would have holidays, do not have to work, stay with family, eat together, visit friends, go hiking for example. However, as time goes by, something changes. 

1. Flying abroad rather traveling in Taiwan

Since 2010, law cost carriers is popular then before. It becomes more convenient flying abroad from Taiwan to other countries in Asia. For example,
  • Japan (Most Taiwanese love Japan! We are good friends)
  • South Korea (not North Korea LOL)
  • Thailand (for money, cheaper than Taiwan)
  • Singapore (for family trip, nice and safe)
  • Indonesia (for island)
  • Philippine (especially for studying English)
  • ....
I have to say, I'd rather travel to Japan than Southern Taiwan (e.g. Ken-ting 墾丁). It doesn't mean I don't love my country (yes, Taiwan is a country, not part of China, not part of China, not park of China. Really important that I repeat three times). I love Taiwan, people, also food. Based on the same condition, hotel rate, food quality (C.P. value), the feeling during traveling, I would choose Japan no doubt. Everything is expensive in Ken-ting.

Here are my reasons why I don't like visit Ken-ting,
  1. Nothing special as a Taiwanese
  2. Nothing special in Ken-ting street market
  3. Expensive from accommodations to restaurant
  4. Too touristy
In general, we would stay at home, being homebody or flying abroad for fun. 

2. Being TVbody

Too crowded during Chinese New Year in Taiwan. If you want to try these things, I highly recommend you driving in Taiwan,
  • traffic jam
  • people mountain people sea
  • price hike during Chinese New Year (e.g. scooter rental would increase twice in Tainan...)
As above, I'd be TVbody with snacks at home LOL.

3. Enjoy the time with family & friends

Chinese New Year is an important time for reunion. Whether having family or not, we would spend time with people we love. Of course with a bountiful feast! 

Notice that, it doesn't mean there is nothing special during Chinese New Year in Taiwan. If you are "right" at Taiwan during new year vacation, I'd recommend you visit Hualien, Taitung, yes, the eastern part of Taiwan for natural instead of..... huh!