Taiwan | Napoli Pizza the truth is chicken is the best

Taiwan chicken popcorn is really famous around the world. It doesn't mean we people won't have American style fried chicken (the Southern fried chicken) in Taiwan. Even there are KFC, Burger King, McDonald, MOS Burger chain stores, the best fried chicken with crispy and crunchy chicken skin is from Napoli Pizza!

No doubt, Napoli Pizza stores serve pizza, salad, and fries. However, their fried chicken with spicy is more popular than the pizza. I even thought they should change name from Napoli Pizza to Napoli Chicken.

Here are reasons I love Napoli fried chicken. First, the chicken meat is juicy! Juicier than the chicken KFC! I believe the KFC grandpa would cry everyday in Taiwan. Second, the seasoning crust. Very impressive! Little spicy but not that hot! Last but not the least, not that greasy! That's why we love Napoli chicken.

Please note

  • Cash only
  • Crispy type is the best
  • Take out, deliver are fine

[Food Review 1-5] 

Rating: ★★★★
Dishes: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★
Budget ($-$$$): $NT259
Transportation: ★★★★

Napoli Pizza