Okinawa | Taste of Okinawa Craft Beer Cooking Class

I went to cooking class in Okinawa, which is the largest Island of Japan. Only 50 minutes by flight from Taiwan, pretty convenient also comfortable. Today I'd love to share the fantastic cooking experience at Taste of Okinawa, my favoriate restaurant in Okinawa City.

Okinawa Cooking Class

Actually, this is my second time visiting Okinawa. The last time I came here for dinner with friends. In general, we all love their food from our hearts. Like their craft beer, cozy place, and juicy Japanese burger! Oh, do not forget the Agu pork sausage, classic ingredients from Okinawa. 

This time, I made reservation for cooking class, making Okinawa Sopa, rice and side dish. You know what, from the flour to noodle, step by step. How exciting! There is not so many cooking class in Okinawa, most people come here for eating, not cooking. However, I love cook, being chef on our kitchen. 

There are three parts of cooking class (English or Chinese) in Taste of Okinawa.  

  1. Food market tour
  2. Three course (or four, it depends) menu
  3. Eating

The cooking class would take around three hours from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. First, stop by Taste of Okinawa restaurant for check-in, then follow the guide for market tour by walk. We learned about the local ingredients, e.g. pork, seafood, vegetables, also classical dessert. 

Second, the best part, prepare the Okinawa traditional cuisine on your own. The chef (Zoey) would teach you how to make tasty stock, noodle, also appetizer! What the funnest part!!! 

My friends and I really had GREAT time at Taste of Okinawa. We love the Okinawa soba we made. Thanks check shared the experience, the tips for cooking! Live and learn! By the way, if your partner hate cooking, never mind. Just come here for the craft beer. The beer is also the fabulous part in Taste of Okinawa.

How to get here

Around 10 minuts to walk from Makishi Station (牧志) to restaurant (also classroom). Just trust your google map for navigation. Do not forget rent a SIM card or wifi pocket for your trip.

Please note,

  • Monday OFF
  • Card acceptable
  • Reservation only
  • Please use Times Parking Lot, 2 minutes from restaurant by walk.

Taste of OKINAWA  テイスト オブ オキナワ
19:00-23:00 for meals