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Rice Box Culture in Taiwan

In Taiwan, we love Rice Box, AKA boxed meal. Rice Box is like the paradise for every lunch, even dinner for everyone. For the chef at home (usually mom instead dad in Taiwanese), they could purchase some boxed meal for dinner for convenience. For workers, we do love boxed meal if we do have time to cook by ourselves. Boxed meal is time saver! 

How About Donghu Top Ribs

If you have ever been Taiwan, you may be curious why there are so many boxed meal on the street, also with various flavour. For example, pork ribs, pork belly, shrimp rolls, fried chicken steak, chicken legs, even chicken wings. 

I have to say I had eaten a lot of boxed rice so much, I know what's the difference and I will note how to choose a nice rice box shop. If you work or live in Neihu, eastern of Taipei. Just come to MRT Donghu station, the "Donghu Top Ribs" is the best boxed meal in Taipei, for me!   

Best Boxed Meal in Taipei

Recommend the fried chicken leg with rice, NT100. One boxed rice with three side dishes. The reasons I highly recommend are two. First is the rice, vegetables. Second is the chicken. In general, the flavour and seasoning of side dishes are homely, not greasy, also not heavy. The coated of the chicken is damn good! 


  • 雞腿飯 Chicken legs
  • 排骨飯 Pork ribs
  • 菜飯 No meat only rice and side dishes

Where is Donghu Top Ribs

Right next to Donghu elementary school. Only 8 minutes walk from MRT Donghu station. You would find the red sign on the street.

Take note

  • Take out only, cash only, Chinese only.
  • First, stay the line. Second tell the ladies what you want. Third, tell the ladies three side dishes you like. Last but not the least, pay for it and enjoy at where you want!

[Take Out Review 1-5] 

Rating: ★★★★★

Dishes: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★★
Cleanliness: ★★★★
Budget ($-$$$): NT$65+
Transportation: ★

Donghu Top Ribs  東湖頂尖排骨大王
No.1, Aly. 8, Ln. 72, Kangle St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)