Taipei Taiwan | street food Gua-Pao

Gua-Pao (掛包/刈包/割包)

It is a traditional Taiwanese burger, with shredded pork belly served in a steamed bun, most of bun with white colour. Also called steamed sandwich. We usually have peanut powder with sugar, coriander, and pickle. 

For my gene, I am not a fan of coriander. I usually ask boss/boss lady do not put it in my bun. If you have allergy issue about peanut, do not hesitate to let them know. 

In general, the price of Gua-Pao is from TWD40 to TWD60. You could find it in night market, street around school, and so on. We always have Gua-Pao during afternoon for teatime. It's really popular on delivery gourmet. 

The Best Gua-Pao in Taipei

Most tourists would visit "石家割包" in Gongguan Night market (MRT Gongguan station). I always visit "狀元割包" in Neihu, 13 minutes by walk from MRT Xihu station. The boss lady is so kind and gentle. The feature is they use BBQ pork instead of braised pork belly. I definitely love the flavour of fire LOL. 

Note, in this street food Taipei series, I would introduce what kind of street food we Taiwanese people usually eat in Taipei. Let me know which snacks you love most.