Taipei Taiwan|RouSong (Meat Floss) Din-A9

If you ask me which is the best souvenir in Taiwan, ah, there are too many things you could take it as present. Here is one thing yummy, Rousong.

1. Rousong (meat floss in Chinese)

Rousong is a dried meat product with fluffy texture from China. However, we Taiwanese love Rousong except those who do not eat pork. Even it came from China, it is still tasty. How to eat rousong? In Taiwan, we put it on the rice, like topping, make it with rice into a rice ball for take-away. Or just eat it alone.

There are also fish meat floss for people don't like pork. Different flavour from meat floss. 

2. Meat Floss with seaweed

Another flavour of meat floss, with seaweed and sesame. Beyond the original meat floss, the seaweed one has stronger flavour, with fragrant of the sea. Everyone love meat floss.

Even there are so many brands of meat floss, I still love the Din-A9 shop in Taipei. The most important is they use the fresh meat, not the freezing one. They do not use artificial flavour, exactly. That's why I so in the meat floss from Din-A9.

  • Monday off
  • 5 minutes by walk from Taipei MRT Dazhi station Exit 3
  • Not all customs would accept you bring with rousong
  • Make sure you could take these tasty things back home
Din-A9 (鼎A9台灣肉類食品名產)
886-2-2532-3255 0935-573-886 
Tue - Sun 07:00 -14:00
No.3, Aly. 41, Ln. 458, Bei’an Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)